Fitness trends in 2014

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Fitness trends in 2014

Another year of fitness gone by. 2013 was the year of bootcamps so what were the trends of 2014? Beth gives a quick overview of fitness of the last year....


1) HIIT -  Alternating high intense periods with slow recovery periods this method of training remained a favourite

2) Military Fitness - inspired by the armed forces this combines circuits, assault courses, team games and some net scrambles

3) Bowka - dance steps that spell out numbers and words on the floor was popular during the last year

4) Body weight - 'All you need is you' - using various exercises such as lunges, squats, sit ups, burpees

5) Kettlebells - the Russian kettlebell saw a renewed interest in 2014.  A versatile weight that can be incorporated into many programmes

6) Personal Training - gained further populairty in 2014. PTs can help people achieve results, stay motivated and offer advice on diet and fitness

7) Hot yoga - Yoga performed in a hot heated room to make you sweat baby sweat

8) Functional fitness - 2014 saw the emergence of all sorts of training and gymnastic equipment into the gyms. Training frames such as monkey bars to pommel horse and gymnastic rings


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