VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

Government funded supported course via 24 plus loans

What is it?

This is our Personal Trainer Qualification that is supported by the 24 plus Government loans

Want to be a Personal Trainer but cant afford it? We now offer the Government funded loan scheme. Please see below information regarding the 24Plus Advanced Loan.

The Loan is from the Government via student finance company. The qualification is the Level 3 Diploma in Personal training. This includes the Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification and the level 3 Personal training qualification and you don’t need any prior qualifications. If you already hold the Level 2 Gym Instructor you can just do the Level 3 and the loan amount will be less 

The courses currently for 7 weeks fulltime Mon to Thurs or there is the option of part time courses available which run over 6 weekends. There is some homestudy and you will be expected to attend gym classes outside of the teaching hours.

Criteria is you must be aged over 24 and can be employed or unemployed. There are no credit checks


You only start to repay the loan next year and you only start to pay back if you earn over 21k. Payments are then 9% of earnings over 22k. So for example for the £2800 loan, if you earn 22k you pay back £7.50 a month and if you earn 25k you pay back £30 a month. If you earn less that 22k you dont make any repayments.

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Or visit our website www.rubyelitetraining.co.uk – you can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


Once qualified we can offer guaranteed interviews and in some areas guaranteed jobs – for those wishing to be self-employed we offer 12 months free business support.

If this is something you wish to apply for please send your Name, Address, Telephone number, Date of birth, National Insurance and email along with course preference (full/part time) and the area you wish to study (Manchester, Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, London) to 24plus@rubyelitetraining.co.uk


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When can I start on the course?You can start right away!

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